TISEAT E2 The world’s lightest seat

“2 product lines to meet all your requirements”

Weight & specifications

Best standards in its category:
  • TSO C127b
  • HIC certified
  • 28’’ pitch installation
  • 40 parts per seat
  • Thickest cushion in its category
  • Available in 2 or 3 seats
Choice of features and customization:
  • Built-in pre-recline
  • Recline up to 6’’
  • Choice of amenities (headrest, PED holder, etc.)
  • Choice of trim & finish
  • Provision for USB and IFE
Available linefit: A320, Dash 8, ATR and ARJ21
Available retrofit: Boeing 737, A320, Dash 8, ATR and ARJ21
Compatible: E-Jets, CRJ

Achieving more with less weight

Best customer ExperienceThe design flexibility and reduction in parts offered by Expliseat’s technology has been used to reduce weight and maintenance cost while increasing passenger experience with +2’’ extra living space and generous enveloping cushions. No compromise!
10x time lower Direct Maintenance Cost Expliseat’s long lasting and non-corrosive seat frame in carbon fiber and titanium has demonstrated better durability than conventional seat frame made in aluminum with over 28 million in-service flight hours and 15 successful certification campaigns.
Start making profits the 1st day you install TiSeat E2 R&D investments and enormous industrial efforts made by Expliseat are allowing Airlines to take all benefits from the weight reduction and low maintenance cost while keeping a very competitive pricing.
An important leverage in your environmental strategy Extremely light, TiSeat E2 decreases in-service CO2 and aircraft carbon footprint with green solutions such as recyclable and recycled carbon fiber composites.